Anti Slip Foot Rest-For Bajaj Dominar 400 / Dominar 250



  • 1.Highly grained aerospace material (Al-6061-T6)
  • 2.Wide area of contact (9.2 x 7.08 x 1.3cm).
  • 3.Specific edge geometry milled in a 3 axis Computer Numeric Control machine.
  • 4.Unique tooth pattern designed for firm grip.
  • 5.Anodized for corrosion resistance.
  • 6.Light weight, weighs 150 gms.
  • 7.Comes in black and silver gloss.
  • 8.Suitable for -Bajaj Dominar 400,NS200





A detailed study of the various factors like the height, angle, distance, edge geometry gave us enough data to incorporate it our designs to present you with the optimized foot pegs. We provide you with wider foot pegs that facilitate almost double the contact area. The foot pegs come with a build made of high quality aerospace grade metal that increases durability and corrosion resistance, which is then CNC milled for a pattern designed for firm grip and a specific edge geometry that enhances your gear shifting feel.


1. The height, after the OEM rubber foot pegs are replaced with our Foot peg is maintained. The angle and distance between toe and the heel is optimized for effortless gear shifting.


2. The OEM narrow foot pegs provide a line contact (almost!); this is overcome with our wider foot-pegs that provide surface contact. Thus the strain produced in your lower tendons due to continuous off road riding is drastically reduced.


3. Worried that the foot peg will come in your way while you manually handle your bike? Our specific edge geometry will ensure this edge contact is minimal and eliminate any other inconvenience.


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